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Egyptian Mythology
Requirements: None (stand-alone figure)
Textures: Fully textured (staff is procedural)
Filesize: 58.73 Mb
Last Updated: 10 Jul 2019
File Type: Figure, Clothing, Prop


This has a special license. Read this and agree before downloading.

Anubis is the Egyptian God of the Dead.

Anubis does not "run, jump, and play".

This was going to be a non-free product.

Some imbecile tester at Renderosity, however, decided she thought she was my collaborator rather than just a tester. She made a bunch of "mandatory suggestions" instead of just testing it. The stupidest was, and I quote: "Needs morphs so he can run, jump, and play!"

This makes no sense. Morphs would have nothing to do with this anyway. Like, seriously, what would a morph have to do with that?

But this is the Egyptian God of the Dead.

He does NOT "run, jump, and play".

As a result, there's a special licence to use Anubis:

1: You MUST make a render with him. You are not allowed to just hoard him in your runtime. At least one render. It can suck. That doesn't matter. Just use him at least once or delete him. This is honour system, since I cannot actually check. But if you don't do it, you formally admit you're a piece of crap. Like, seriously, I don't make these things for people to hoard and not use. Why would I? But in this case, it's a specific requirement. Do it within the first two weeks after downloading this package. There's a reason for that below, too.

2: You MUST then upload that render to Renderosity's galleries.

3: You MUST tag the following users: Whatever3d, donnena, Jenn

4: You MUST say that you like the product and would have bought it if it had been for sale on Renderosity. (If you can't say this honestly, just go ahead and delete the figure and accessories. Or lie. Your choice.)

5: You MUST ad the line: "Anubis does not run, jump, and play." to the text accompanying your image.

6: You may not be Ron Knights. I hate that guy. You also may not be Jenn Blake or Andy Boys, the two users besides Whatever3D mentioned above. Because screw them. Also you may not be Donald Trump, Mike Pence, nor Mitch McConnell.

7: You may not use him to promote Donald Trump or his policies in any way, nor the current policies of the Republican Party (GOP), nor those of Mike Pence or Mitch McConnell. Doing so is a violation of copyright, and I will actually lawyer up and sue you. Seriously.

I can actually legally make these requirements. See, by using this figure, you are creating a derived work from my copyrighted work, and I can legally establish restrictions on this. I am only even writing the preceding sentence because someone is going to whine about first amendment rights, and no, making restrictions on how you can use my work is not a violation of your first amendment rights—it's an assertion of mine. See, I can't keep you from saying something, but I also cannot be compelled to say something nor to help you do so. Using my work to, for instance, say "MAGA", would be forcing me to have retroactively done work to that effect, and is a violation of MY first amendment rights, and those are ones I can legally enforce with copyright law. And I will.

Other than that, the sky's the limit. You can use him commercially, non-commercially, pornographically, whatever you want. Just make the one render, put it up on Rendo with the tags mentioned and the comments mentioned, because seriously, screw them, and no MAGA crap. And that's your price.

Hey, check this out!

Mon, 15 Jul, 14:20 (2 days ago)

to Dodger


We want you to know that you have been placed on a 3 Day ban for Disturbing the Peace/Staff Bashing.

Disturbing the peace at Renderosity: We have the right to remove and act upon anything we feel is causing disruption in the Renderosity Community.

We feel that your instructions on your website that contains the Anubis figure, which requires members to post certain comments on Renderosity's comments in the gallery is disturbing the peace.

Please refrain from any actions of this type in the future. Failure to do so may result in a permanent ban.

Thank you for your attention on this matter.


So, let's get this straight:

I'm being "punished" with a ban from a site I don't frequent.

For something I said on my own website.

I haven't posted ANYTHING on Renderosity in months. Months.

It's pretty funny, really.


Do you really want to support a company that thinks they can bully people like this?

Further, if they try to ban you from following these terms of use, they are effectively telling you what you can and can't use on your own (since the one posting to Rendo is a requirement to further use).

(That or they are telling you you have to violate copyright.)

I recommend that if you do use Anubis here, and you are worried about getting in trouble with them, just create a "burner" Rendo account and post it under that account with an assumed name instead of your normal account. I'm fine with that. It will get the point across all the same.

But seriously:

We have the right to remove and act upon anything we feel is causing disruption in the Renderosity Community.

Apparently Rendo has decided that means other websites, too.


(By the way: if Rendo powers that be—or at least think they be—don't like the fact that this suggests people make up fake accounts on their site, and if this is a violation of their terms of service, maybe they should have fucking thought of that before they decided it was OK to insist on what my terms of service are.)