Sir Dorkimus

Downloads: 274
Requirements: DAZ/Zygote Knight
Textures: Fully Textured (PoserSurface & PBR)
Filesize: 36.91 Mb
Last Updated: 17 Jul 2019
File Type: Textures, CR2 improvement
Sir Dorkimus

This is a full set of improved textures and improved CR2 for the DAZ/Zygote Knight, not available anywhere anymore because DAZ stopped selling it at some point.

You can't use this without that package. There's no geometry here. But if you DO have that figure and his accessories, then install this and look under Figures > 3DnD > Heroes > Knight Improved and you will find a new CR2 for that figure that uses weight mapping to keep the armour pieces solid, doesn't have the tabard wrap around the shoulders, and has much nicer textures (based on the "Map 1" red texture set included with the figure).

Additionally, under Props > 3DnD > Knight Improved you'll find all the props that came with that figure (again, no geometry—you have to already have it or this won't work): The sword and scabbard, morphing dagger, falchion sword, spiked mace, battle axe, crusader shield, and the gothic and great helms, all nicely textured up and looking pretty nice in Superfly.

I did not change the geometry (that would have either required including it (which I can't do), or using an installer program to programatically alter it (which is a pain in the butt and everyone seems to complain when I include an installer, even though it came in one originally). As a result, there are still places it's poorly UVMapped, and some stretching and distortion will be noticeable in places. Also, because the figure is so low-res, not every joint could be made perfect. That said, I think it makes this figure useful again, and so until I get to making some new heroes, this should help you fight off some of the monsters I keep releasing.

That really seriously is the dork's face in this render (the knight uses Dork's head). I was impressed with how it turned out, too.

And yes, the render is an homage to Clyde Caldwell's Pool of Radiance painting, in case you thought you recognised it. (No, I didn't include the pose. Sorry.)