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Star Frontiers
d20 Modern: Future (Star Law)
Requirements: None (standalone figure)
Textures: All textures included (Poser Surface)
Filesize: 29.72 Mb
Last Updated: 17 Apr 2019
File Type: Figure, Clothing
50 polygons
50 vertices
83 groups
9 materials

Logical and scientific-minded vrusk form one of the four main allied races of the Star Frontiers United Planetary Federation, fighting alongside humans, yazirians, and dralasites to stop the invading forces of the sathar.

The insectoid vrusk were revisited in the d20 Modern Future sourcebook in the Star Law campaign ramp, maintaining their intellectual ways. (Just ignore the drawing there.)

Updated in April of 2019: Mandibles added, textures improved and shaders made to work better with Superfly, and rigging adjusted to use weight mapping for improved posability. Now also includes the jumpsuit, with high-res detailed textures.