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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio™
Requirements: None (standalone figure)
Textures: Texture, Displacement/Bump, Specularity, Normal
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Last Updated: 18 Dec 2017
File Type: CR2
78,348 polygons
78,365 vertices
67 groups
10 materials

Though the foul motives which caused these loathsome birds to be first summoned from the infernal regions are now lost from memory, remnants of the original achaierai flock still stalk the earth, haunting shadowy places and underground passages. In form they consist of a huge spherical head-body, with a powerful beak and feathery crest, atop four long legs ending in strong claws.

The achaierai often travel in groups and, though a group need never check morale, each individual bird will try to flee if it loses a leg. Though flightless (the rudimentary wings are scarcely visible and will not support flight), a bird often eludes pursuers with its long strides. Its movement rate is unaffected by the loss of a single leg, but the loss of two legs halves movement rate. An injured leg will regenerate fully in about two days but the birds do not possess other regenerative powers and a leg which has been completely lost will not be re-grown.

Also they look like Angry Birds on stilts.