Alien Pilot

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Fisher Price Adventure People action figures
Requirements: 3D&D Klingon (available here)
Textures: Fully textured, including textures for Klingon
Filesize: 97.29 Mb
Last Updated: 19 May 2019
File Type: Character, Clothing, Hair
13 polygons
14 vertices
4 groups
6 materials
Alien Pilot

Way back in the 1970s, before Star Wars action figures, Fisher-Price started a line of 1:18 scale action figures first. Of course, when Star Wars figures proved popular, FP decided to try to get in on that. Rather than licensing anything, they made up their own science fiction figures, often kitbashed from their other figures. The Alien Pilot was a normal male head, but in green and with blue hair and yellow eyes (the same head used for their X-Ray Man figure), and the body was their astronaut figure cast in black and painted with silver and blue details. All they needed to add was a classic bubble helmet, so they did.

This is a Poser interpretation of that figure. Textures and details have been added to give it a more interesting finish, and proportions have been modified (1970s and 80s action figures were very often a proportional disaster).

This is a free ADD-ON the the (also free) Klingon figure found right here on 3D&D. You have to get that one first, because it uses the same geometry and the "TOS" morph from that package, as well as reusing a few maps.

For your convenience, however, this is provided with an actual CR2 for the figure. Just make sure you've installed the Klingon first, so it will load.

(Oh, and look! I don't suck at hair anymore!)