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The anhkheg burrows through the earth like an earthworm preferring soil rich in minerals and organic matter. Thus it will usually be found in forests and choice agricultural land. This causes farmers great consternation, since the anhkheg likes to supplement its earthly diet of soil with a bit of fresh meat, human or otherwise. Since its mouth is not designed to rip and tear meat, its mandibles crush its prey and secrete a digestive enzyme causing an additional 1d4 points per turn until the prey is completely dissolved. If sorely pressed in battle it is able to squirt its digestive acids 30 feet once per six hours.

However when it does this it cannot digest anything for the same length of time, so it usually will bite. A squirt of digestive acid causes 8d4 hit points of damage to the creature struck, half the amount if the creature makes its saving throw. The anhkheg's favourite method of attacking is lying five to ten feet underneath the ground until its antenna detects a likely victim passing overhead. Then it burrows out directly underneath the prey and grabs it.

Description: The anhkheg has a chitinous shell which is brownish in colour. Its underside is pinkish. The creature's eyes are glistening black.

The "spotted" colour variation has been removed, though elements of it have been integrated into the all new PRB-like superfly-compatible textures, added in July 2019 (as well as rigging improvements to the antennae).

(Note that even using the included "Monster Manual" pose, you will need to adjust your camera's perspective or lens size to get the heavy foreshortening as drawn in the illustration and shown here.)