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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
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The beholder (eye tyrant, sphere of many eyes) is most frequently found underground, although it will infrequently lair in desolate wildernesses, particularly when useful in a cartoon. The globular body of this monster is supported by levitation, and it floats slowly about as it wills. This is vastly less silly looking than if it were to roll about on the ground, and is even somewhat ominous. Creepy even. Atop the sphere are 10 eyestalks, while in its central area are a great eleventh eye, which you really probably think of as the first eye, and so does it, and a large mouth filled with pointed teeth, because beholders really do not fancy vegetables one bit. The mouth leads to, well, the back of the mouth, mainly because since this is just an orb floating about in the air with no neck or anything, there's not a lot of use swallowing because there's nowhere to swallow to. Okay, so maybe the anatomy wasn't well thought out on the beholder, but until someone 3D modelled one nobody really thought about what was going on further in there.

The beholder, presented here totally free of charge for your rendering pleasure, is in no way related to, nor should it be considered in any way similar to the Gazer from DAZ3D. Nope. Not a bit. And lest you become confused, of course DAZ's Gazer is not at all an obvious or otherwise ripoff of this TSR-created (not that TSR or WoTC could really talk what with all the hobbits and ents, err, I mean halflings and treants, but still...) nobody's ripping off anyone here. DAZ never does anything dodgy whatsoever, so them charging real money (or even treasure types I, S and T) for a thing they totally lifted from D&D is of course in no way able to ever be construed as anything but honest.

But if you disagree, just use the real beholder here, painstakingly made to match that first drawing in the Monster Manual, and don't pay a penny to anyone you might misconstrue as being a big old plagiarism corporation. It's all up to you. Just sayin'.

In some aberrant variants of beholderkind, the fourth eyestalk is capable of projecting a sphere of snark and sarcasm.