Black Dragon

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Figure (Texture, Bump, Displacement, BUM)
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Last Updated: 15 Jun 2019
File Type: CR2
91 polygons
91 vertices
107 groups
22 materials
Black Dragon

The black dragon is typically found in miasmal swamps or marshes, although they also inhabit subterranean lairs as well, for black dragons always seek to lair in deep, dark caves. They tend towards the mid point between law and chaos in their evil.

This figure includes detailed displacement and bump maps to enhance the surface details and may be slow to render, depending on your settings. The black dragon's acid-spit breath weapon has not been included at this time, but may be added to the package at a later date when Dodger works out the best way to fake liquid dynamics in Poser. Until then, using actual liquid dynamics or postwork may be your best approaches to showing the breath weapon.

The wings make extensive use of weight mapping combined with trickery to give you fully posable wings with only 3 sections each. Older Posers without weight mapping always suffer when weight mapping is used, but perhaps more than usual in this instance.

One other thing about the wings: Dodger has made a specific intentional deviation from the wings shown in the Monster Manual, while trying to maintain the "spirit" of the drawing. In the original Dragon drawings, several of the dragons have "fan wings"—things that look more like the fin on the back of a dimetrodon than actual wings. When these occur, Dodger will be making the wings different, using a full-spread style wings that works similarly to a bat's wings but including the thumb for a wider, more forward spread with more surface area that gives a similar feel to the "fan wing" effect. This is because despite his attempt to remain faithful to the original art, in this instance the original art is just plain far too bloody stupid and Dodger cannot bring himself to make those moronic "fan wings" nor to insinuate in any way that they would even assist with, much less add the capability of flight. We hope you're okay with that.

Updated June 2019 for improved rigging and textures.