Slaad, Blue

Downloads: 1267 Blue Slaad
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fiend Folio
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Figure (Texture, Bump/Displacement, BUM)
Filesize: 8.6Mb
Last Updated: 31 Mar 2015
File Type: CR2
Polys: 79,846
Vertices: 79,836
Groups: 60
Materials: 7

Though the blue variety is stronger than the red, the blue slaad is still a relatively weak member of the slaad race, more often used to run errands and carry out missions for the masters than for wait. WTF is a master. CHAOTIC NEUTRAL DUDE F%$@ YOUR RULES!


Ribbit, ribbit.

Ahem. Sorry there. Chaotic neutral happens. Hail Eris. ANywAY, the blUe SLaAd is actually the base SlaaD and includes the blue variety M0rph. The other morphs and textures will be comin6 l@+3r. CHAOTIC NEUUUUUTRAL! LIMBO WIF ME!!!

Dammit, slaad.