Bone Devil

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
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Textures: Figure
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Last Updated: 19 Jul 2019
File Type: CR2, PP2
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Bone Devil

Bone devils populate the lower planes of Hell, particularly the fifth. They are particularly malicious and delight in making less powerful creatures suffer. As they prefer cold to heat, these monsters also have ultravision, seeing light in the ultra-violet spectrum at 60' range.

Bone devils have a great bone hook they employ to snare and wound opponents. Any creature caught (hit) by it has a 50% chance of being stuck fast. The bone devil will then strike such victims with its tail doing 2d4 hit points of damage plus causing a loss of strencth (1d4 points) unless a save versus poison is made; strength loss lasts for 10 melee rounds.

This figure package was released originally in August of 2014, and was updated on the first of January, 2015 to include the bone hook weapon. Updated again July 2019 for improved rigging and textures.