Cylon Centurion

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Battlestar Galactica (1978)
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Fully textured (PoserSurface, PBR-like)
Filesize: 15.24 Mb
Last Updated: 09 Jun 2019
File Type: Figure
123 polygons
130 vertices
52 groups
32 materials
Cylon Centurion

The Cylons were created by man... wait. Scratch that. The Cylons were created by some alien reptilian race, so I think David Icke may have been involved somehow. They evolved... no, wait. Again, I guess they really didn't. They pretty much stayed like this. But there were some gold ones. They rebelled... nope, again. The lizard race died off and only the centurions were left. And they have a plan. Well... I guess. If that plan just involves trying to kill off all the humans for admittedly very little explainable reason. It's not even like daleks or something where they're xenophobic and racist. They aren't the humans' cybernetic offspring, not back in the 1978 version on which this is based. Nope. They're just shiny bad guys that George Lucas tried to sue for looking too much like Stormtroopers (but he lost).

This package features a fully posable 1978 original-style cylon centurion figure suitable for use with Poser 4 and up, though the shiny chrome will look best in Poser versions with the Firefly renderer. It probably works in DAZ Studio, too, but I haven't tested it there because I think that DAZ is a rather douchebaggy company and refuse to support them, so I don't honestly care. But best of luck if you do! Odds are it's fine.

Updated June 2019 to texture and use Superfly-compatible shaders.