Donald Trump

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America's Worst Nightmares
Requirements: 3D&D Klingon
Textures: Textured
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Last Updated: 13 Jul 2019
File Type: Character (for 3D&D Klingon)
Donald Trump

This is a character for the 3D&D Klingon. You will need to install that figure first to use this (though this figure does have its own CR2).

It is a morph and texture package only. This does not include hair or clothing.

While I absolutely favour the parodical extremes and any caricature efforts in inverse ratio to how much Trump himself would favour such details, I have made every effort to make this realistic. That means his skin colour is actually somewhat realistic, and I've even held off on exaggerating the puffy, mottled appearance of his skin (but seriously, his skin is hella mottled and puffy).

But you can, of course, do that yourself. I mean, at it's extreme it's quite simple. Open the skin texture in Photoshop, enter quick mask mode, draw big black circles around his eyes to mask them off and gaussian blur a little bit, exit quick mask, and then flood-fill with bright Cheeto orange. I very nearly did that myself (like I was THIS close to just making the texture be bright Florida Orange orange), but nah. You need to feel the fun in doing it yourself!

I have not included hair. Shortly after I released the Klingon, I was able to focus on what I did right in making transmapped hair and apply that to the Luxan, and the result is that I can now do realistic hair.

That means I *can't* do Donald Trump's hair anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

I have not done anything to scale the hands down. You can do that yourself, I would imagine.

I have not included an ill-fitting suit, nor white golf shorts with the outline of tighty whiteys showing through nor... wait hang on... *vomits repeatedly* OK I'm back... nor an ill-fitting white tie and tails suit. And definitely not a MAGA cap. That's also up to you.

I have not included genitals. To the best of my knowledge, this is accurate.

From what I understand, Stormy Daniels seems to largely corroborate this.

You may use this for commercial, noncommercial, political, or pornographic work, with limitations:

  1. You may not be Ron Knights. I hate that guy. Also you may not be Donald Trump himself, Mike Pence, nor Mitch McConnell, nor anyone working for them in any capacity unless you're planning a really awesome quitting and want to trash Trump in the process.
  2. You may not use this character or the figure it's based on to promote Donald Trump or his policies in any way, nor the current policies of the Republican Party (GOP), nor those of Mike Pence or Mitch McConnell. Doing so is a violation of copyright, and I will actually lawyer up and sue you. Seriously.

I can actually legally make these requirements. See, by using this figure, you are creating a derived work from my copyrighted work, and I can legally establish restrictions on this. I am only even writing the preceding sentence because someone is going to whine about first amendment rights, and no, making restrictions on how you can use my work is not a violation of your first amendment rights—it's an assertion of MINE. See, I can't keep you from saying something, but I also cannot be compelled to say something nor to help you do so. Using my work to, for instance, say "MAGA", would be forcing me to have retroactively done work to that effect, and is a violation of MY first amendment rights, and those are ones I can legally enforce with copyright law.

And I will.

So if you use this, you have to use it as intended: To ridicule, insult, criticise, mock, belittle, or otherwise be mean to Trump.

Simple rule of thumb: Ask yourself, "would Donald Trump want me to use this Donald Trump Poser character in this way?" If the answer is "yes", don't do it. If the answer is "probably not", it's fair game. If the answer is "oh HELL no", then that use is highly encouraged.

Other than that, the sky's the limit. You can use him commercially, non-commercially, pornographically, whatever you want.

But if you use him in porn, I do NOT want to see. Really. Don't show me. Gross.

Seriously. Don't.