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Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Arabic legend
Requirements: Michael 4
Textures: Clothing textures, MAT settings
Filesize: 5.25 Mb
Last Updated: 05 May 2014
File Type: Morph and Conformers
154,097 polygons
155,735 vertices
11 groups
16 materials

The efreet are creatures from the Elemental Plane of Fire, just as djinn come from Plane of Air. They are enemies of the djinn and will always attack when they encounter them. An efreeti can be forced to serve for a maximum of 1,001 days or by causing it to fulfill three wishes. They are not willing servants, and they will seek to pervert the intent of their masters by adhering to the letter of commands.

This is a costume/character for DAZ's Michael 4. I intend to make a standalone figure of an efreeti one of these days (as well as a djinni and other geniekind) but until then, there's this so you can reproduce the Dungeon Master's Guide cover.