Elric of Melniboné

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dieties & Demigods, 1st Printing
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Elric of Melniboné

The fact that Elric is an albino causes him to be very weak, and he must use artificial means to supplement his strength and constitution. He makes strength potions for his own use out of rare materials. As he travels about, there is a chance that the materials he needs to give him greater strength are not available. At any given time, there is an 85% chance that he has his needed materials, and his strength and constitution will be up to 15 from the default 6 and 3 respectively. These may be altered by his magic sword, Stormbringer (see below). He employes a great many spells of an unusual nature, as he has the magical studies of all his ancestors to draw upon.


This huge black rune-carved blade is actually a chaotic evil sentient being from another plane which takes hte form of a sword on the Prime Material Plane. Stormbringer is possibly the most powerful magic weapon posessed by a mortal anywhere. Well, You know. Anywhere in that universe. It's not like Stormbringer can outdo a Green Lantern Power Ring (the first one was magical!) or even maybe the One Ring. Hell, Raistlin's Staff of Magius is even up there. The Ark of the Covenant, totally trumps Stormbringer. But...you know. In the Elric world.

It has an intelligence of 18 and an ego of 20. It is +5 to hit and damage, and every time it hits it drains energy levels from its opponents. On a successful hit it will either drain all or one-half of its opponent's remaining levels (50% chance of either). Any creature killed by Stormbringer has its soul or spirit as well as its energy levels sucked out and devoured. No creature so killed can be raised, resurrected, reincarnated, or brought back in any manner whatsoever. They're as dead as Fred in Angel. Or, you know... people in the real world.