Gelatinous Cube

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Requirements: None (standalone)
Textures: Procedural materials
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Last Updated: 15 Mar 2015
File Type: CR2
3,314 polygons
3,312 vertices
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1 material
Gelatinous Cube

The gelatinous cube is one of the scavengers not uncommon in dungeons. Its cubic form is ideal for cleaning all living organisms, as well as carrion, from the floor and walls of underground passageways. Certain very large cubes are taller so as to be able to garner mosses and the like from ceilings as well.

This figure is as posable as something that isn't actually posable can be. That is, to say, it isn't. But it's in a figure! Which is pretty meaningless really. I mean, how do you pose a cube? You can... scale it? I guess if you really wanted you could stick a magnet on there to bend it slightly. Whee. It may take a while to render because it's a refractive material. You may want to set up transparency if you're not rendering, or using sketch renders, so that it doens't just look like a black blobby cube.

This cube has been given a faint greenish tint for rendering purposes. This is not strictly in accordance with the description given in the Monster Manual, but serves to show it better in an image. The choice of green is due to the slight lime flavouring intended to satisfy the green Jello cravings of our friends at DAZ3D.