Ice Devil

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Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
Requirements: None (Standalone)
Textures: Fully textured.
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Last Updated: 05 Jul 2019
File Type: CR2, PP2
72,140 polygons
71,556 vertices
89 groups
11 materials
Ice Devil

The frigid eighth plane of Hell is populated in the main with ice devils. They are greater devil in every sense of the word, preferring to attack and torment victims by means of their claws, mandibles, and sexy sexy spiky tails. A few (1 on 1d4, and this one) carry great spears which inflict 2d6 hit points of damage, and will numb with cold.

Fans of the late Wesley Willis will almost certainly recognise this mode of attack as being nearly identical to that of the dreaded Chicken Cow. To quote Mr. Willis, "It can break a glass. It can also stab you inna ass... This beast attacked my brother when he was inna cold. His hands were frostbitten. His hands were also numb... Rock over London, Rock On, Chicago. Blockbuster Video, wow, what a difference!"

So beware. Hella beware. Be. Ware.

Updated July 2019 for massive rigging and texture/material improvements. Includes spear and icy stalactites scenery prop.