Invisible Stalker

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
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Last Updated: 31 Mar 2015
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Invisible Stalker

The invisible stalker is a creature from the elemental plane of air, normally encountered on the material plane only due to the conjuration of some magic-user. This conuration causes the creature to serve for a period on this plane. Invisible stalkers roam the astral and ethereal planes. Unless their opponents are able to detect/see invisible objects, which Poser cameras cannot, by definition, their invisibility causes opponents to subtract 2 from "to hit" dice rolls. Unless slain on their own plane, invisible stalkers are simply sent back to the elemental plane when damage accrued exceeds their total hit points.

This fully posable figure will render exactly as expected, but contains body parts for all needs and exemplary rigging that will never show any distortion in a render. Further, this new technique for a Poser figure shows an innovative solution to clipping concerns: the specific design of this figure guarantees absolutely no poke-through ever!

Additionally, this figure is entirely Poser 4 compatible. It has not been tested in Poser 3, but should load with the version warning. It will also render exactly the same in the original Poser 4 renderer, Firefly, or exported to Vue and other renderers provided they can successfully load the special geometry.