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Stargate SG-1
Requirements: Klingon (available free here)
Textures: Character and clothing textured (PoserSurface), Staff weapon procedural
Filesize: 84.1 Mb
Last Updated: 23 May 2019
File Type: Character, Clothing, Posable Prop
79 polygons
80 vertices
19 groups
18 materials

Warrior-slaves of the Go'a'uld, the Jaffa also serve as incubators for young Go'a'uld symbiotes.

This is character for the a 3D&D Klingon (available for free here), as well as a full suit of conforming Jaffa armour for the same figure, minus the transforming helmet. Included also is the Jaffa Staff Weapon, now bundled together in this package.

To use this set, you will need to get the 3D&D Klingon (link provided above). It's free, though, so it's not like you're out a bunch of money to do this or anything.

Textures on the armour are vastly improved over the previous M4 Jaffa figure, which is now deprecated*. While the staff weapon is still procedural, its material settings are improved and it has been relocated to Props->3D&D->Firearms &Blasters to fit with the other recent offerings from this site.

*Sorry if this upsets anyone, but it's one less instance of us supporting figures from a company we do not like. Get used to it, because that's the direction we're going.