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Star Trek
Requirements: None (Stand-alone figure)
Textures: Textured (PoserSurface, PBR-like)
Filesize: 66.42 Mb
Last Updated: 11 May 2019
File Type: Figure, Clothing, Props, Sucky Hair
45 polygons
45 vertices
57 groups
21 materials

Qapla'! Here's a ready-to-go klingon warrior ready to invade your runtime!

Note, this is not a character or morph for any figure. This is a completely free original, stand-alone, fully-textured figure for use with Poser 9 and up complete with clothing, weapons, and really shitty hair (because I suck at hair).

Includes expression and phoneme morphs, some face-shaping morphs, and head morphs to change the shape to TOS, TMP, Abramsverse and Discovery klingons, as well as romulan, kazon, and the krill from The Orville!

Add-on/characters for this figure include: