Pierson's Puppeteer

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Larry Niven's Known Space setting (Ringworld, et. al.)
Requirements: None (standalone figure)
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Last Updated: 21 Apr 2019
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18 polygons
18 vertices
60 groups
7 materials
Pierson's Puppeteer

Pierson's Puppeteers, often known just as Puppeteers, and known to themselves as Citizens are highly intelligent non-humanoid tripedal herbivores, first encountered by Olaf Pierson.

A technologically advanced race descended from twin-necked herd herbivores, and noted for their so-called cowardice. Their commercial empire directly and indirectly controls events throughout Known Space and beyond, and Puppeteer plots are behind many of the larger events in Known Space.

Updated for Poser 11. Improvements include weight mapped joints and improved textures, and hair (loaded as a prop because it's not on its head).