Rust Monster

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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual
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Rust Monster

The most terrifying of all D&D monsters—if you're a Paladin. The rust monster's history is intertwined with that of the Bulette and the Owlbear (coming soon).

In the early years of AD&D, miniatures were somewhat scarce. It was pretty common to make do with toy dinosaurs, army men, and so on. One particular pack of plastic "prehistoric animals" included some very weird creatures, and three of these fantastical beasts became the Rust Monster, the Owlbear and the Bulette. Since then, TSR and WoTC artists have tried to make them more "realistic," turning the Bulette into more of a shark, reverting the owlbear to the quadrupedal variety from the first white box books, and turning this guy here into more of an insect. The fifth edition illustration even lacks the signature propeller!

That's not what we're about here at 3D&D. Our goal is to preserve the original feel of these beasts while making only the minimum changes for them to be "realistic" without destroying their original essence, however wonderfully hokey!

So here, you go. Almost forty thousand polys worth of fully posable... plastic pinch-hitting toy. Long live first edition!