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Red Dwarf
Requirements: None (stand-alone figure)
Textures: Included
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Last Updated: 23 Apr 2019
File Type: Figure
10 polygons
10 vertices
20 groups
9 materials

Left as the last surviving genetic human in the universe, Dave Lister, sole survivor of a disaster aboard the mining vessel Red Dwarf, has nobody to talk to except these strangely behaving repair drones.

Oh, and a hologram of his deceased terrible wanker of a roommate, the nth generation humanoid evolved descendant of the cat he snuck on board that drives him crazy, an exceptionally annoyingly upbeat artificially intelligent talking toaster, the ship's AI which has gone a bit funny in the head after tens of millions of years alone, and a neurotic OCPD android that randomly decided it was Canadian in the second season.

But these scutters are what I modelled for you. Take 'em or leave em!