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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual II
Requirements: None (stand-alone figure)
Textures: Fully textured
Filesize: 33.15 Mb
Last Updated: 28 Jun 2019
File Type: Figure, Clothing, Props
59 polygons
59 vertices
100 groups
11 materials

A Thri-kreen warrior for Poser 9 and up.

I, uh... I really don't feel like writing stuff here anymore. Renderosity bought Poser. I despise Renderosity. Why don't I just do DAZ Studio stuff? Because I already didn't like DAZ. I have reasons. Both companies have done profoundly unethical things and treated their artists like shit. Those are the people they make money off. It's fucked up.

As a result, I'm pretty depressed now. I don't want to do this anymore. Basically, my hoppy has been ripped away from me by greedy corporate fuckers. I don't even know how many of these I'm going to bother with.

But hey! I'm learning Unity3D! Look for some Unity packages here soon! They're both 3D and D&D, so why not, right?