Wasteland Warrior

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Gamma World
Requirements: Poser 9
Textures: Procedural and textured
Filesize (total): 311.16 Mb in 5 files.
Last Updated: Wed Feb 13 18:34:21 2019
File Type: Clothing, Props, Original figure
270,000 polygons
272,000 vertices
35 groups
64 materials
Wasteland Warrior
Boots & Trousers: (84.55 Mb)
Hair & Earrings: (26 Mb)
Top, Pauldron, Vest, Strap & Gloves: (87.85 Mb)
B1-RB Droid: (38.81 Mb)
Blaster Rifle, Pistol, & Holster: (73.95 Mb)

Based on a Clyde Caldwell painting from the Gamma World role-playing game, this costume for Elizabeth 2 will transport her into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Also includes the droid!

(E2 textures not included)

Elizabeth 2 is available FREE from Whatever3d.com: Elizabeth 2